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Unwrapping the Standards

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Unwrapping the Standards


Unwrapping the standards is the process of identifying the concepts and skills in the NYS Standards (the general statements of learning outcomes - what students need to know and be able to do) and the performance indicators (grade/level specific learning outcomes).  Unwrapping the standards will also include identifying the "Big Ideas" of the standard as they relate to learning and form the basis of the development of essential questions.  The ultimate goal is for students to be able to answer the essential questions in their own words, using elements of the "Big Ideas" within the particular context teachers use to teach the concepts and skills.


"Unwrapping" the Standards. (2003) Ainsworth, Larry. Denver: Advanced Learning Press.




Unwrapping Standards Directions.doc 


Unwrapping Standards Template.doc



Unwrapping the Standards - ELA Sample.doc

Big Ideas- ELA.doc

Why Essential Questions - ELA.doc


Unwrapping the Standards - ss example.doc

Big Ideas - ss.doc

Why essential questions - ss.doc


Unwrapping the Standards - math example.doc

Big Ideas - science.doc

Why essential questions - science.doc


Unwrapping the Standards - math example.doc

Big Ideas - math.doc

Why essential questions - math.doc

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